Temporary Concealers for Hair Loss | Nanogen | Toppik | DermMatch

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Temporary Concealers for Hair Loss | Nanogen | Toppik | DermMatch

Temporary concealers are cosmetic, non-surgical solutions for people who want to camouflage their scalp and hide any problems. Concealers do not require professionals to apply them, that is why most people like it because they give them full control over their hair thinning or patchy hair.  
Dermagrafix experts recommend the following three concealers for hair loss.

1. Nanogen
Nanogen has been one of the best solutions for hair loss since 2001. It was invented to allow people to have control over their thin hair in the first place. The results are guaranteed. Nanogen has been in the market for 20 years and millions of people used it. Your hair will look awesome. 

The manufacturers are experts and pioneers in the hair products industry. They made a product that is easy to apply, gives amazing results and changes the way people think about their hair. 

It is the perfect solution to have full control over your hair.

2. Toppik 
Toppik is a hair building product that is made of keratin protein. The main result of Toppik is giving users a natural, thick, full hair. 

Toppik fills any thinning areas, hides hair loss, creates a head full of thick and full hair, replaces thin, fine hair, and can work as a root touch-up if you use colorings.

Toppik is highly recommended for people who work outdoors most of the time since it resists wind and rain and maintains the results all the time. Whatever your hair color, Toppik will match since it has 9 shades that can be mixed.

3. DermMatch
DermMatch is one of the best hair loss concealers. It is a safe and healthy formula for your hair and skin. It works as a moisturizer since it is full of emollients and botanical ingredients. It coats every strand of hair. After applying it, your thin hair will stand up with its full thickness. 

 The colors and hair dyes used in DermMatch are 100% safe. If you have areas of thin hair or certain bald areas, DermMatch will make them disappear completely. The effects of DermMatch containers last for at least 8 months. It is available in 8 colors to match any natural hair color.

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Top 4 reasons why a shaved head is the way to go

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Top 4 reasons why a shaved head is the way to go

The average male loses between 75 and 100 strands of hair every day, though new hair is typically produced to replace the lost hair. The trouble begins when new growth production lags behind the amount of hair loss.

People attempt to cope with hair loss in different ways. Some people will go through extremes to get their hair back. 

Either way, people will always look for the best way for them to cope and get used to their new situation. While some of these actions may hide issues, they are still a way for people to cope. According to the specialists at Scalp Nation, there are the top 4 reasons why a shaved head is the way to go. 

1) Hair loss can affect confidence and self-image, but shaving your head can bring it back. And with style.

Fortunately, shaved heads have become quite a “thing” and balding men now find themselves in good company with young and old who appreciate the bold look of a shaved head. 

2) Hair is seen as a symbol of youth and strength, and even a shaved head with confidence and attitude can be sexy.

It is important to understand that hair loss is something that can happen to anyone. Carrying yourself with the fact that hair loss is not an unusual phenomena and that you do well with it emits an aura of confidence and self-assuredness.

3) There is always that clean and put-together look in a shaved head.

No matter the reason, shaving your head often gives the impression of daily hygiene upkeep. You may have undergone a surgical procedure for hair loss, and naturally, keeping the scalp clean makes it free from any possible infection after shaving your head.

4) A shaved head is a great way to combat hair loss.

Surgical procedures are one way for people to deal and cope with hair loss. Some people are not worried about the psychological idea behind losing hair; they simply want to make sure that they look good, and believe a shaved head can do so.

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