What Are The Most Dangerous Streets In Seattle For Car Accidents?

Seattle is a beautiful and one of the busiest cities in the United States. Each day, tens of thousands of people drive around the city for various personal and professional reasons. The rising rate of accidents in the city is a serious concern for its citizens as well as those who visit here regularly from other states.

Reports claim that a handful of streets and highways in Seattle report more accidents than the rest of the city. These streets and highways have been declared dangerous to drive a car by the transportation department after many people succumbed to deaths or got badly injured while crossing them.

Be careful while driving a car on these roads for your own safety. This post features some of these streets and highways in Seattle so that you can be extra cautious while crossing them.

Rainier Avenue South and Highway 99 are the first two names on this list that are considered more dangerous than other parts of the city. The entire Downtown area witnesses hundreds of people walking every day. Unfortunately, many of them get hit by cycles and cars and suffer from serious injuries.

The same can be said about the Lake City Way Northeast, Aurora, California Avenue Southwest, and 45th Avenue North areas also. Over the last few years, Aurora Bridge has witnessed dozens of innocents losing their lives because of someone’s irresponsible driving. Things haven’t changed much even after this matter was brought to the notice of the city transportation department.

Nevertheless, nobody knows when the government will do something to make these dangerous highways in Seattle safe for everyone. In the meantime, it’s your responsibility to keep your options open in case you ever meet with an accident.

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